Dawnielle Dale

Owner/Brow Artist

Meet Dawnielle

Hi there, Dawnielle here! Im a licensed esthetician, brow artist, wife to a wonderful husband, and a mother of two amazing girls. My love for brows started at a very young age, where I constantly found myself studying and shaping the brows of everyone I met. My passion for brows continued well into my young adult years and I couldn’t ignore it any longer so I decided to put it into action!


My brow passion led me to complete beauty school at Federico Beauty Institute in 2005, where my career started as an Esthetician. I honed my skills in Eyebrow Shaping and Artistry over the years and developed a natural “eye” for perfecting the best brow for the face. I continually spend time furthering my education on brow designs, products, and techniques to remain on the cutting edge of brow etiquette.


Educating my guests is a very important role as a Brow Artist and I enjoy achieving dramatic results for my guests. I make it a goal for everyone to feel comfortable with their brows, whether it be through my design and waxing or with instructional teaching about brow products to obtain the desired look at home.


I have been in the industry for 16 years (and counting) but the passion started long before that. Fortunately for me, and you, I was into brows long before they were “in”. My ideal brow is YOURS and my goal is to enhance your natural shape. If you’ve taken your shape away by over tweezing, not all hope is lost. I would recommend some brow rehab. You can contact me or another brow specialist near by to get started. If you need help finding one, please reach out and I’ll point you in the right direction.  I am excited to meet you and develop a brow-lationship with you!